The Beginning

At the recommendation of a friend, I have started a blog. Perhaps (and hopefully) some of you will find my thoughts at least interesting, if not thought provoking. ^_^

I must give credit to another friend of mine for the title (Truthmonger), considering they were the first person to ever call me that. You know who you are. ;) The moniker describes me aptly, I think, hence the title.

And what's with calling these things blog anyway? Is there really any sort of sensible etymology behind the word? Yes, you do have to call them something, but why 'blog' of all things? Of course one must then ask: why not? I suppose there isn't a reason not to call it a 'blog', so blog will have to do.

Well, rest assured, there will be more to come. My brain never ceases to produce the occaisional odd thought... ;)

1 comment:

Beth said...

blog came from web-log...or webl-og or..-we-blog....or just blog ;)