Life is just sort of mellow right now. Not horrible, not amazing, just wonderfully lost in the nowhere in between. And in this mellowness, I have been surprised by one astounding thing: God exists. “Dude,” you say, “I would have thought you knew this already. I mean doesn’t being a Christian require believing in God?” Of course it does, and I never said I didn’t believe in God, only that I have found myself happily surprised at His existence.

Certainly, I have believed in the existence of God for a long time, and according to surveys, most people do. But that’s irrelevant. Believing in God’s existence has nothing to do with the fact that He does, just like a person’s belief in the law of gravity has no bearing on its actual existence. No, I have NOT lost my marbles. Think about it.

There is a very definite difference between believing God exists and being aware of His existence. The evidence is what backs up the belief, the cold hard facts. There are a million and one different arguments and valid reasons to believe God exists, probably even more. The evidence is overwhelming. But that only affirms the belief; the awareness is prompted by the little things. Things like finding out you’d actually met your girlfriend almost ten years earlier than you thought you had; things like receiving a phone call from a friend at the exact moment that you needed it most; things like “randomly” bumping into someone that you hadn’t seen or heard from in a year in a busy fast food joint during the lunch rush.

Some people chalk that sort of thing up to destiny, but I despise the idea of destiny. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, and wrote the story. Destiny is bologna (baloney), and so is karma for that matter. All those various sorts of ideas are hogwash. The plain fact is that these “random” events are not random at all, but just another one of the many trails of breadcrumbs that God leaves to remind us He’s there.

You see, we never forget that we believe in God; we always remember that. It’s just that as we go through our lives, we tend to get caught up in life and forget that He’s actually out there. Its not that I’d never known, only that I’d forgotten. But many recent events have reminded me that God does, indeed, exist and is actually in control of everything instead of us, as much as we like to think otherwise. The reminders have left me pleasantly surprised and renewed my assurance.

And maybe, just maybe, God will use this little collection of words as the latest piece in your own trail of breadcrumbs.