In honor of the 4th, here's a little something I wrote long ago in the days of high school. It also later managed to work it's way into a song I wrote...


Leonidas stood, proud and free,
Waging war at Thermopylae.
Three-hundred Spartans held at bay
The host of Persians two whole days.

William Wallace, far outnumbered,
Stood his ground as the charge thundered.
At Sterling he didn’t give a smidge;
Scotland’s freedom won at the bridge.

Prescott held as the Brits advanced,
Cannons hammered and bullets danced.
Redcoats took Bunker Hill that day,
But with it lost their will to stay.

The heavens darkened, shocking eyes
As combat raged in Britain’s skies.
Outnumbered more than four to one
The RAF the battle won.

History’s proved freedom’s presence
Must not find us evanescent.
Steadfast and strong we all must be
To keep in check all tyranny

Liberty by nature demands
That for the right we take a stand.
That regardless what others say,
We fight for justice, come what may.

“Of peace,” you cry, “There is a dearth!”
That’ll always be so on this earth.
It’s in the selfish human heart,
That all true conflicts find their start.

Peace: it desirable may be,
But not at cost of liberty.
Peace: it may be a worthwhile goal,
But it’s not worth a nation’s soul.

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