The Dance

Do you dare to stare too much
At the path printed in palms?
Do you cry in karma’s clutch
Your wrongs outweighing your alms?

Do you shake your fist in rage
At the fate set in the stars?
Do your choices craft a cage
Decisions detain in bars?

Is the future etched in stone
Or like a river flowing?
Is it carved by choice alone
Or locked by hand all-knowing?

Choices have consequences
Time and chance can void them all
Fate constrains us with fences
But choice can bring down walls

Free will or predestined fate?
There’s truth to either stance
The wise ever will debate
The partners ever will dance

1 comment:

The Anderson Family said...

The poem format is a good change of pace; a good exercise of wordcraft.

The wordcraft of God, being eternal, strikes me as the only reason our words seem to 'dance'. Ours change but must eventually be conformed to those which are eternal . . . the foundation to all existence apart from the Eternal.

Thanks for sharing the pondered thought(s).